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    Paakshantar (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.
    Registered Address: 23/4 KA, Gokhale Marg, Lucknow - 226001
    Production Unit: Pole No.3, Unchi Sadak, Sonda Road,Opposite AMM Public School, Modinagar, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh - 201204

    WhatsApp: +91 9953145856

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Not yet. Please contact us in case you wish to visit our office or production unit.
    Anyone and everyone can use these products. From infants to elderly to pregnant women, safe and beneficial for all. Even contrary to general perception, these products are and can be used by males as well.
    In a village near Modinagar, ahead of Ghaziabad. We provide livelihood to locals of that village and part of the amount you pay for the product is contributing to supporting these families.
    As frequently as you use the commercial products:
    Body wash - every day. (we use it once a week. You may have a bath with plain water on other days. Or use it on alternative days)
    Body Scrub - 2 to 3 times a week (or once a week)
    Hair wash - as often you wish to wash your hair (twice a week works well)
    Our products are categorised as per skin and body type. Please feel free to try a product based on your skin / hair type.
    Dry skin - in case you wish to apply moisturiser / see white skin on your body. Face feels stretched with white skin.
    Oily skin - no need to moisturise. Face feels sticky with natural oil being secreted through the skin.
    Sensitive - breakouts on face on applying a scrub. Or rashes appear easily.

    Dry Scalp - if you leave your hair without washing for a few days, NO natural oil comes out. Needs to be conditioned.
    Oily Scalp - if you leave your hair without washing for a few days, natural oil comes out making your scalp sticky. No need to condition.
    Combination - this means the scalp is oily but the length remains dry and frizzy.
    Once you have figured out the skin / hair type. Please see if you are not naturally allergic to any ingredient (some people are allergic to a particular pulse or aloe vera, etc.) To be sure you may first apply the product on a small patch on the back of your hand and leave for 2 minutes before washing off. In case it itches, wash immediately.
    Our skin is permeable and absorbs whatever we apply on our skin. As per research, upto 60% of what we put on our skin reaches our blood streams.
    Therefore, we should not apply things on our skin which we cannot eat.
    And thus, the nutrients of all these natural ingredients reach your body, to heal your body from within.
    The base q.s. of commercial products dissolves in water and requires tremendous amounts of energy to bring the water back to her original form. Therefore it is discharged untreated and is killing our water ecosystems.
    These products are in powder form, to assure you that nothing else is being added to them apart from the natural ingredients. Thus the water used with these products can directly be discharged into soil or fields or to water plants, as when the water percolates through the soil, it filters through the layers of earth to reach the aquifer as clean water - while the ingredients mix with the soil to form manure.
    Similarly, you may make a simple layered filter at home and collect this water to filter and reuse it.
    For brushing teeth or face wash, put a bowl in the wash basin to collect the water while brushing (you may also brush or wash your face directly over a plant or soil)
    For hair wash, bend over a bucket and wash our hair to collect the water.
    For body wash - this would be tricky, unless you have a wide tub in which you may stand or sit to have a bath.
    Alternatively, in case you can, you may have the plumbing pipe from your wash basin and bathing area be disconnected from the main system, and have it directed through a flower bed and then through sand and gravel, to be collected in a tank . You may reuse the water from this tank.
    The raw materials used in these products are sun dried (or in shade) and then hand-pounded. This is done by women in rural areas as part of their livelihood.
    Therefore, by buying and using these products, you contribute to their livelihoods.
    For a new purchase, get your own bottle and avail a 10% discount.
    For a repeat purchase, bring along the bottle to get it refilled / or get your own bottle and avail a 10% discount.
    Please contact us to organise a workshop and we will work with you to deliver it.
    To participate - we will keep posting on social media, you may register in the workshops. Also, you may contact us and we will let you know of our future workshops.
    Feel free to contact us in case you wish to have a workshop on a particular topic.
    For now it’s hair care, body care and home care
    We are also working on a sustainable clothing line.
    Anything that may contribute toward water conservation
    Thank you for considering this option!
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