Our Story

Consider this: 

One 5 ml discharge from a pump-action shampoo bottle is the most convenient way to irreversibly and irreparably pollute up to 20 liters of fresh-water in a single-shot. 

Soaps, washing powders, and tubes of toothpaste do exactly the same – lead us to discharge large volumes of frothy, soapy waste into an already-burdened sewage treatment system. And waste-water recycling merely ‘lessens’ the pollution in water. 

Now imagine that in India, we consume 770 million kgs of soap, 220 million Kgs of toothpaste, and 194 million kgs of shampoo each year. Can you fathom the impact on water? 

Well, what if we could prevent the pollution at source? 

About Us

We are a bunch of architects who have spent over sixteen years helping develop, and capacity-build on ‘green’ (eco-friendly) buildings. 

During our journey, we discovered that waste-water recycling plants do not stand a chance against the massive influx of water pollutants – discharged daily from homes and factories. 

Clearly, there were two things that needed to be done immediately:

a.    Alter people’s perceptions towards water

b.    Begin with self and home care products

To our delight, we discovered simple recipes for body-care and home-cleaning products that we can create using items that are usually found in our kitchens, and cause no harm to water.  

For generations, these formulas have rested in the caring hands of mothers and grandmothers. We also discovered that the claims of benefits of these recipes for skin and teeth did hold water (no pun intended). 

It is unfortunate that over the past decades, their popularity has diminished. The contest is being won by the convenience offered by factory-produced bathing soaps or shampoos.  

Why ‘MaPani’?   

The brand name ‘MaPaNi’ is a combination of three notes of the sargam, and a tribute to mothers and water. Ma represents the originator and the creator of life, including our source mother, Pani or water which also sustains life.  

MaPani’s Vision

Our work has helped revive faith among individuals and communities in three key things – Mother, Water, Worship.

Through our awareness programs, communications and products, humanity has freed water bodies across India and the world, from harmful chemicals, detergents, surfactants, and lyes. Water is now free to be the mother, as it was as recently as half a millennium ago, to myriads of living beings.

We can now drink water from any waterbody, anywhere, and have faith that it shall nourish us and our future generations to come. 

MaPani’s Mission

We are on a mission to change the way people think about water. We are  creating sustainable livelihood opportunities, to handcraft household essentials of every kind that are actually good for you and water.

Thank you for choosing inconvenience! 

At MaPani, we have created products that don’t lather, froth, whip-up cream or have a fancy smell.  We have created products that nourish and strengthen your skin, hair, and teeth, clean your homes – glassware, crockery, floors and utensils; and they do so with kindness. 

Our products are safe enough to be trusted for babies, pregnant women, the elderly, and your plants and garden. 

Convenience products can’t make the same claim. We do!

We thank you for making an inconvenient choice!

 MaPani’s Outreach

1. Workshops: At MaPani, we conduct workshops to openly disseminate information about ingredients and recipes. We started off as a brand antithesis at the earth collective market and have continued to fully disclose our recipes at organic markets, as well as in our workshops. There are no secrets or secret ingredients. 

2. Recipe Partnerships: We are constantly looking for people to share recipes and information about ingredients. Each geographic region has its own heritage of biodiversity and people have distinct repertoires of recipes. We keenly look for new partnerships to bring mothers’ and grandmothers’ recipes to a larger audience.