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Karishma Chaudhary

Production & Social Media

“ I steered towards water conservation and sustainable livelihoods purely by chance. In the years I worked as an architect, I observed sheer wastage of water resources. It disturbed me deeply and propelled me in the direction of sustainable solutions.”

Karishma is an Architect by qualification and training. She is a seeker of solutions to the threats of water depletion by chemical usage and passionate about sharing information about traditional and local knowledge.  She has 4 years of experience as a researcher, entrepreneur, trainer, and facilitator and is a source of inspiration for community women she works with to create natural products.

Aparna Pathak

Operations & Communication

“It was only when I began working with 5waraj-Reviving Faith that I discovered to my horror the huge impact to the environment of using soaps, shampoos and cleaning agents. I did not even question it earlier, much less realise that I was contributing to a crisis, because everyone is doing the exact same thing, leading to the enormous scale of the problem. My realisation shocked me into action and I decided I wanted to do something to clean up the mess.”

Aparna, an architect by training, is a passionate conservationist with a penchant for research. She is a trainer, and facilitator with a passion to renew faith in traditional knowledge. She believes that water is worthy of our reverence and we can ensure a healthy future for all living beings by securing the Earth’s water resources from degradation and decay by chemicals and pollutants. She has 6 years of experience as a researcher, entrepreneur, trainer, and facilitator and is a champion of the cause of making lifestyle choices that leave a low carbon footprint and emulates conscious choices in her daily life.

Gaurav Shorey

Research & Outreach

“I believe that sustainability solutions today draw heavily from international references that fail to take into account the climatic, cultural, demographic, social, historical and economic context of India. We have only to discover that true eco-friendly practices already exist in our local, traditional knowledge systems.”

Gaurav is a domain expert in green buildings, energy efficiency, traditional knowledge, sustainability, and sustainable lifestyles. As a trainer, he has designed and conducted training for business and non-business organisations over the past 16 years. He lends himself as a visiting Faculty at School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and is an ECBC Master Trainer (Government of India). A voracious reader and eloquent speaker, he is a TedX speaker and founder director at 5waraj – Reviving Faith and PSI Energy Pvt. Ltd. 

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Mothers: Source of Recipes

Chetna Pathak, Gayatri Verma, Pratishtha Bajpai, Prerna Misra, Rekha Shorey, Sharmila Sinha, Sharmishtha Vats, Sunita Devi

Mothers: Product Creators

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Social Media

Taruna Chaudhary


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Branding and Website

Arnab Chakraborty, Zubin Kenneth Samuel, Aayush Gupta, Madhavi Mehra

Photography and Video

Shivam Sehgal, Aatmesh Bajpai


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