Wide Tooth Neem Comb


The Wide Tooth Neem Comb by Mapani is infused with nourishing oils and herbs, crafted from the essence of young neem wood, go beyond mere styling to provide an enriching scalp experience.

Each stroke imparts the nutritional benefits of neem and herbal goodness, stimulating your scalp to the fullest.

The harmonious blend of stimulation and nutrients not only fosters hair growth but also stands as a formidable defense against hair fall, dandruff, and pesky itchiness. In contrast to plastic or fiber counterparts, the neem wood acts as a guardian, preventing cuticle damage. Once you embrace the neem comb experience, reverting to anything else becomes unimaginable.

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Produced by locals of Abidpur Village (Uttar Pradesh), Wide Tooth Neem Comb is Ideal for delicately untangling and styling long, thick or voluminous hair (All hair types).


  • Stimulates hair growth & thickness
  • Prevents hair loss, thinning & premature hair greying
  • Defends against brittleness, cuticle damage, and breakage, ensuring resilient strands
  • Addresses dandruff concerns and soothes an itchy scalp, fostering overall scalp health
  • Beyond hair care, induces restful sleep with its deep-combing relaxation
  • Serves as a holistic remedy, alleviating anxiety, fatigue, and stress through its calming touch



Neem (Indian Lilac) wood, Nourishing herbs & oils

Directions for Use

Ensure a gentle yet firm touch, letting the teeth make contact with your scalp during each combing session; the healthful rhythm of deep combing twice adds to the vitality. Untangle your hair before bedtime for a smoother sleep experience.

Keep in mind that the slightly pointed ends of neem combs are designed for optimal follicular activation. Embrace patience, as it typically takes 7-10 uses to fully adapt to the nuances of a new comb.

Use with

Merge the ritual of oiling and combing into a weekly synergy, creating a powerful massage effect that deeply strengthens and enhances the overall health of both your hair and scalp.

What to Expect

The results may not be instant and would show up gradually with consistent usage.

Usage Frequency

Twice a day

Maintenance and Storage

Immerse your comb in pure herbal hair oil once a month to optimize its benefits. Embrace the natural evolution of Neem Combs as they subtly change shape and gradually dry out over time.

Keep it away from direct heat and sunlight for prolonged durability.

Use Till

Consider renewing your neem comb every year for sustained effectiveness.

When you buy this product you:

Financially support families crafting these combs in villages
Prevent 50-100 grams plastic from reaching landfills per comb


Additional information

Hair Types

Oily, Dry, Combination


25 G, 100 G

1 review for Wide Tooth Neem Comb

  1. Bharti

    I have curly, thin hair with a lot of volume, and I was searching for something that would work for me. This comb is amazing—it detangles my hair like a dream. I am so happy with my purchase!

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