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Essential Kit contains :

  • Nimbu Hand Wash for Everyday Use

Ingredients : Gulaab (rose petals), Reetha (soapnut), Multani mitti (fullers earth), Chai patti (tea leaves), Nimbu (lemon peel), Neem

All ingredients used in the recipe are 100% natural and hand-pounded, to ensure all the properties remain intact.

  • Vanasiri Natural Tooth Powder

Ingredients :

Sendha Namak (pink salt)*, Supari (Arecanut), Nariyal ka koyla (Coconut Charcoal), Imli (Tamarind), Neem

*blood pressure patients are recommended to consult doctor before usage.

All ingredients used in the recipe are 100% natural.

Benefits (When both the products are used together as a pack and then wash) :

  • Completely safe for children, pregnant women & old aged people (also animals).
  • By using this product, you contribute to continued livelihood for small scale industries.
  • By using this product, you contribute to continued traditional farming practices that save water.

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