Adrak Tooth Powder for Freshness


Pudina or Mint is very effective in oral care because it inhabits the growth of bacteria and stops tooth decay. It lends a feeling of freshness due to its aroma and taste. This product uses mint as a base ingredient and is made from natural and edible ingredients usually seen in kitchens. 

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Hand-pounded and processed by local women of Abidpur Village (Uttar Pradesh), Adrak Tooth Powder keeps bacterial infections at bay and provides overall dental wellness. 

We acknowledge Mr. Gautam Gupta for sharing the recipe.


  • Keeps gums healthy & odour free
  • Thoroughly cleans teeth and mouth region
  • Heals minor cuts in inner cheek and jaw region
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Safe for children, pregnant women and lactating mothers, elderly people.  
  • By using this product, you contribute to continued livelihood for small scale industries
  • By using this product, you contribute to continued traditional farming practices that save water


Adrak (Ginger) Powder, Sendha Namak (Pink salt) Powder, Pudina (Mint Leaves) Powder, Neem Leaves Powder

All ingredients used in the recipe are 100% natural and hand-pounded, to ensure all the properties remain intact.

Directions for Use

  1. Place a pinch( approx. 2mg) of the product powder on your palm.
  2. Add a few drops of any locally available edible oil of your choice. ( mustard, coconut, any other-avoid refined oils)
  3. Mix with a spoon to make a thick paste.
  4. Spread the paste evenly on your teeth and gums with your finger.
  5. Massage gently for 3-4 minutes.
  6. Rinse your mouth thoroughly. 

      Alternatively, place the paste on your tooth brush and use it like regular toothpaste.

Use with

Any locally available edible oil. For eg. Mustard or sesame oil for north India and coconut oil for south India.

Different body types react differently to a Natural product. Please conduct a patch test before application

What to Expect

The product will reach you as a pre-mixed powder as no extra ingredients or toothpaste base is added. A fine texture, gentle on gums. The results may not be instant and would show up gradually with consistent usage of the product.

Usage Frequency

Once OR twice a day (as frequently you use a toothpaste). One bottle will last for 2-3 months if only one person is using it.


Keep the product away from heat, direct sunlight & moisture (in case fungus develops, mix product in soil / compost)

Use Till

Use within 02 Year of Mfg Date after which mix product in soil or compost.

When you buy this product you:

Save 1.00 thousand litres of water annually
Financially support families in villages where the raw materials are processed
Get a reusable glass jar that is 100% recyclable


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Standard, Less Neem, Less Mint, Less Turmeric


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  1. Ravit Malik

    Best beauty natural products. I am using the dental care powder for a year. Best results.

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