Soot Kajal for Healthy Eyes


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We use our eyes in almost every activity we perform so we must take good care of our eyes. In this busy life we don’t get enough time for eye care, application of traditionally made Kajal is an easy and effective way to give proper care where you get best effects with all the natural ingredients.


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Hand-made and naturally-processed by local women of Abidpur Village (Uttar Pradesh), Soot Kajal for Healthy Eyes is a must-have addition for complete self care routine. 

We acknowledge Ms. Sunita Devi for sharing the recipe.


  • Relaxes & freshen eyes
  • Keeps Dark Circles Away
  • Gives the eyes relief from stress
  • Hydrate & provide coolness to the eyes 
  • Is safe for newborn babies, children and elderly people
  • Eco-friendly and well-tolerated, except sensitive and allergy-prone eyes
  • By using this product, you contribute to livelihood for small scale industries & traditional farming practices that save water


Soot, Carom (Ajwain), Almond (Badam) Powder, Clarified butter (Ghee) and Mustard Oil

All ingredients used in the recipe are 100% natural and hand-pounded, to ensure all the properties remain intact.

Directions for Use

Applicator or Finger Tip
You can apply kajal with salaka (Applicator) or finger tip from inner canthus to outer canthus of both the eyes either in the morning time or in the evening.

After applying kajal, the eye balls should be moved up and rotated slowly, the eyelids should also be moved slight by massaging over it.

Kajal application is not recommended during midday when the eyes are fatigued by strong rays of sun.

If you are allergic to any ingredients or otherwise also conduct a patch test before application.

What to Expect

The product will reach you as a ready to use mixture with no extra ingredients or base is added.  A soft, creamy texture, not too greasy. The results would show up gradually with consistent usage of the product.

Usage Frequency

Once a day (either in the morning time or in the evening). One box will last for an year or more if only one person is using it.


Keep the product away from direct sunlight, heat and moisture.

Use Till

Use within 02 Year of Mfg Date after which mix product in soil or compost.

When you buy this product you:

Save 1.97 thousand litres of water annually
Financially support families in villages where the raw materials are processed
Get a reusable steel container that is 100% recyclable


2 reviews for Soot Kajal for Healthy Eyes

  1. Anjali Narayan

    This Kajal gives a cooling effect on my eyes. I find it very relaxing since my eyes are exposed to a longer screen time. My eyes are watery and hence it may smudge sometime. I prefer using it at home mostly.

  2. Anushka

    I bought Soot Kajal for my new born baby girl. I felt the texture very similar to what my grandmother used to make for us when we were kids. I absolutely recommend this product. It is safe for even the newborns. Thanks team for making it available at such reasonable price.

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