Henna (Mehndi) Powder


Henna has been used for coloring hair for many decades, as ancient kings, queens used to mix it up with some powerful herbs to color their hair.

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  • Henna is a natural herbal powder which is not only used for coloring hair, but also helps to prevent dandruff and scalp itching. It acts as a good conditioner for your hair and helps to grow your hair.
  • Henna is particularly beneficial for oily hair and oily scalp. It helps in absorbin the excess sebum and dirt and keeps the scalp clean.
  • It controls oil production from the sebaceous glands and restores the natural pH balance of the scalp. This way, it strengthens the hair follicles and reduces hair fall.
  • Henna works as an amazing hair conditioner. When used in combination with yogurt, coconut oil or egg, it leaves you with hair which feels silky smooth to touch. It also makes hair look glossy.
  • Other Health Benefits: Regulate Blood Pressure, Dysentery, Anti-aging Properties, Improved Nail Quality, Baldness, Arthritis, Headache Reliever, Wound Healing, Cure Fever, Anti-inflammatory Capacity, Reduced Sleep Issues and Detoxify the body.


Applying heena as a hair pack gives a soothing feeling to the scalp, thus helps in calming down itchy and irritated scalp. It also helps in improving hair elasticity and strengthens the hair strands, thus reducing hair breakage. When used on a regular basis, henna helps in repairing the damaged hair shafts. Henna also supports growth of new hair follicles which in turn, results in better hair growth and treats dandruff.

Hand pound and seived from muslin cloth


Keep the product away from moisture (in case fungus develops, mix product in soil / compost)

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North India (Mostly Plains) Hot semi- arid with dry winter

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100 G, 250 G


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